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Tramadol Overnight American Express - Tramadol India Online

The PSA’s GPS departments—headed from Antwerp managed these smaller countries, with one standardized process and methodology

Tramadol Overnight American Express - Tramadol India Online

A global advanced materials and specialty additives company produces a diverse variety of products for everyday items. The company’s objective is to work with customers to deliver entrepreneurial products and solutions for safe and sustainable usage.

The company currently operates manufacturing facilities in more than 50 towns and cities, and has several sales offices worldwide, with approximately 14,000 employees serving customers in over 100 countries. The chemical company is the recipient of three ENERGY STAR Awards and has been named one of the World’s Most Ethical Companies by the Ethisphere Institute in recent years

Challenges and Goals:

In 2014, the organization began searching for a provider that could offer the same range of payroll services with maximum uniformity across all countries within the EMEA region. The company not only struggled with the management of different payroll providers in the countries, but also within individual countries itself. Due to the organic growth the company had experienced through recent years, the company needed to standardize its payroll.

The organization desired a single contract and Master Service Agreement (MSA) that would govern the whole of its payroll across the EMEA region.


The Payroll Services Alliance (PSA), a partnership of leading payroll services providers (Aditro, Ascender, Ceridian, Elanor, F2A, SD Worx, Seresco), worked with the chemical company to provide a solution in three stages. The main PSA members that worked with the company included SD Worx, Elanor, and F2A.

Firstly, the PSA worked to get a standardized Master Service Agreement, ensuring it matched with the organization’s expectations. With just one MSA, this could serve as an umbrella for the entire EMEA region.

Secondly, the PSA built one governance and support model for all of the company’s EMEA countries. This organizational model consisted of meetings to discuss operational and performance requirements, and a quarterly business review meeting to discuss the company/ SD Worx cooperation model.

Thirdly, the Payroll Services Alliance helped the organization achieve the same package of standard services across each country, an ongoing endeavour. Instead of having contracts within a local level, the company now has one Statement of Work (SOW) that governs a country. In this SOW, solutions are provided through both an operational and contractual side. The SOW notes that the same scope of services is guaranteed across various countries.


The PSA now helps the company to deliver payroll services to 1,098 employees in 13 countries across EMEA, including Switzerland, France, Spain, and Italy.

Initially, the PSA started to work with the organization to provide payroll for smaller countries, predominately in eight to nine countries with less than ten employees. The PSA’s GPS departments—headed from Antwerp managed these smaller countries, with one standardized process and methodology.

Payroll departments in other EMEA countries are governed by the MSA, and in bigger countries like the UK, Germany, and Estonia, the payroll departments are supported by a local-to-local services support model.

Tramadol Overnight American Express - Tramadol India Online

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