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Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery - Tramadol Order Online Uk

SANITAS Residencial is a group of companies specialising in social healthcare for people with some form of dependency in terms of accommodation, food or personal/health-related guidance.

Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery - Tramadol Order Online Uk

Online Tramadol Overnight Delivery - Tramadol Order Online Uk

SANITAS Residencial is a group of companies specialising in social healthcare for people with some form of dependency in terms of accommodation, food or personal/health-related guidance. It also performs these activities for companies, private institutions, foundations and organisations with social objectives and/or practices, as well as for public administrations. SANITAS Residencial offers a comprehensive, humanised, quality service in its own centres or those owned by third parties, and can also provide home-care services and specific social programmes designed for families, children and women.

Technical File

The Problem

Major increase in staff numbers. Excessive rotation of motivated staff as a result of the growth experienced.

The Proposed Solution

Homogenise management. Develop a real-time outsourcing service, with centralised communication with the supplier but decentralised management based on monthly reports from the various work centres.

The Project

Initial implementation was carried out in a record-breaking two months, so that new work centres could subsequently be incorporated gradually, via the utilisation of accounting interfaces and numerous reports.

The Final Statistics

The Benefits

In the words of Marta Cortada, the head of HR at Sanitas Residencial: “We can count on a technical partner to absorb growth without excessively expanding the administration and staff department. Head office retains real-time control over all the work centres. The costs of the service are variable depending on the actual volumes for each month, and we are able to increase or reduce the service to deal with specific situations”.

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