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Tramadol American Express, Buying Tramadol In Mexico

Prior to Ascender, Mitsui-Soko Singapore had no payroll software – everything was done manually, including leave management.

Empowered payroll connecting lives to provide value beyond logistics – Ascender case study with Mitsui-Soko International Pte Ltd

The Mitsui-Soko Group has been around since 1909, offering logistics services for their customers across the world. For some people, logistics is just another requisite cost in their business, but Mitsui-Soko strives to bring more value into logistics by constantly striving for improvement and innovation. As they moved things in different industries whether by air, sea, or land, they have also steadily expanded across the world.

Established in 1988, Mitsui-Soko International Pte Ltd – Singapore specialises in Document Management including supplying, pick-up and transport of cartons, filing, and disposal of files.

Prior to Ascender, Mitsui-Soko Singapore had no payroll software – everything was done manually, including leave management. This proved to be a challenge because employees located at their warehouses would have to fill out a manual form to submit their leaves to the person-in-charge, who will then submit it to their HR. The data was kept in spreadsheets, and employees would have to call HR as well in case they need to know their leave balances. With 3 people doing HR and 148 employees, manual submission, processing, and answering inquiries definitely took a lot of their time.

So they turned to Ascender. With the use of Ascender Pay Asia’s ESS, Mitsui-Soko’s employees gained several benefits:

While there are still employees in warehouses who are not able to access the employee self-service system because they do not have access to a computer or not as computer literate, having the ESS payroll system in place has increased operational efficiency by 40%. The support of their Ascender account manager was also very valuable in achieving their goals. With the lessened manual work, Mitsui-Soko’s HR team will be able to concentrate on future projects, such as their compensation plans and further empowering their employees to provide value beyond logistics.

Tramadol American Express, Buying Tramadol In Mexico

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