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Payroll Services Alliance 12th Apr 2013

Aditro and Clas Ohlson have agreed on the provision of payroll services. The agreement covers the provision of Aditro’s payroll services and preliminary system in payroll management to Clas Ohlson’s Finnish operations.

Clas Ohlson started business operations in Finland 10 years ago. Since then, the company has established 27 stores in Finland and opened a web shop, and has over 400 employees. In 2013, Clas Ohlson will open three new stores, in Kotka, the Åland Islands and Kannelmäki in Helsinki. With the increase in the number of staff, there are growing expectations on payroll management.

In addition to the basics – salaries paid correctly and on time – Clas Ohlson wanted to develop the processes and quality of its payroll management. In order to secure the development and continuity of the service, Clas Ohlson decided to build a reliable service in payroll management by utilising the experience and services of an external service provider.

Since the establishment of the company, Clas Ohlson has focused on smart products and solutions. “The payroll management service provided by Aditro was a smart solution for us. We appreciated the focus on solutions in Aditro’s approach. They carefully examined our situation and took our unique needs into consideration when planning the package”, says Katariina Lajunen, Clas Ohlson’s HR Manager. “We believe that with our collaboration, we can further develop the processes and quality of our payroll management. This way we can make sure that, as our company grows, payroll management services are always optimally managed”, Lajunen continues.

“We are glad that Clas Ohlson selected Aditro as its provider of payroll services. We believe that our experience of providing payroll and HR management services brings additional value to Clas Ohlson’s efforts to grow the company”, states Ulla Nikkanen, Director of Aditro’s outsourcing services.

About Clas Ohlson
Clas Ohlson is an international retail chain. Every day, 4,000 employees in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the United Kingdom and China help customers find solutions for various projects. Clas Ohlson has 27 stores and a web shop in Finland. For further information, please visit Buying Tramadol Online Safe

Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard, Order Tramadol American Express

Cheap Tramadol Uk

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16 November 2018 Cheap Tramadol Cod

Get in Touch with Payroll Services Alliance

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Buy Cheap Tramadol Online With Mastercard, Order Tramadol American Express

Instead of having to deal with several suppliers, you can rely on one trustful partner who takes care of your entire payroll and HR at a global level.

Think Global, Act Local

Our Compliance Proof Payroll Services make sure that you are fully compliant with national and international legislation.

Use our Flexibility

Adapt your service package on an ongoing basis, according to your business needs and use our flexible volume shift when moving your business.