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Payroll Services Alliance 5th Jun 2016

Ceridian is a global human capital management technology company, recognized for the award-winning cloud application Dayforce HCM.

The UK and Ireland business will continue to be led by Doug Sawers and the existing management team. As part of the transaction, the existing Ceridian teams of the service delivery center on Mauritius that support the UK and Ireland businesses, have been transferred into a new Mauritius organization, formed by SD Worx.

SD Worx and Ceridian also announce a strategic partnership to deliver cloud human capital management software across Europe. This partnership will leverage Ceridian’s cloud technology development expertise and SD Worx’s local service capabilities to accelerate growth across Europe. The partnership includes long-term agreement to develop and deliver global human capital management solutions. Ceridian will continue to expand the Dayforce HCM platform to include native UK payroll and global capabilities for managed payroll, employee system of record, workforce management, and talent management. For service delivery, the partnership will leverage SD Worx’s regional capabilities and knowledge. SD Worx will distribute Dayforce HCM for European-based organizations.

Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of SD Worx Group comments, “This partnership and purchase entirely fit within our strategy to continue our international growth and to strengthen our market position. Ceridian UK and Ireland are strong companies known for their excellent customer service and firm customer base. Dayforce is a high-quality product, with a great market reputation. There is a strong need for reliable and robust HR software that can be easily interfaced with existing systems, such as payroll. Ceridian UK offers a single platform for payroll, HR and time and attendance, so clients can benefit from a high-level of efficiency. We therefore absolutely believe in this company, its clients, staff, products and services.”

David Ossip, Chairman and CEO of Ceridian, says “This partnership is a natural fit for our cloud growth strategy. Through SD Worx, we gain deep domain knowledge and regional expertise for global platform expansion and service delivery, and increased distribution throughout Europe and the UK. We are very excited with the investment and growth opportunities this partnership presents us with.”

The transaction closed on June 15 2016.

Tramadol 200Mg Online, Tramadol Order Online

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Instead of having to deal with several suppliers, you can rely on one trustful partner who takes care of your entire payroll and HR at a global level.

Think Global, Act Local

Our Compliance Proof Payroll Services make sure that you are fully compliant with national and international legislation.

Use our Flexibility

Adapt your service package on an ongoing basis, according to your business needs and use our flexible volume shift when moving your business.