Aditro, Elanor and SD Worx welcome Seresco (Spain & Portugal) and Trianon (Switzerland)

Payroll Services Alliance 6th Dec 2011

Antwerp (BE), Lausanne (CH), Madrid (ES), Prague (CZ), Stockholm (SE), December 6, 2011 – The Payroll Services Alliance welcomes two market leaders in its network of European payroll services providers: Seresco (Spain and Portugal) and Trianon (Switzerland). With the accession of Seresco and Trianon, the Payroll Services Alliance now covers 27 European countries.

Seresco (Spain and Portugal) is a leader in services for personnel and payroll administration with 42 years of experience. For over 500 clients in Spain and Portugal (like Alsa, Air Liquide, Roche Pharma, Valeo, …) more than 80,000 monthly payslips are processed. Seresco also has developed payroll projects in Latin America.

Trianon (Switzerland) is a leading HR services company that offers payroll, pension fund, personnel insurance and absence management services via integrated HR Business Process Outsourcing, HR Consultancy and HR Software. Trianon was founded in 1997 and has two branches (Lausanne and Zürich). Trianon’s 90 employees serve 150 clients, of which 50 are international companies.

The Payroll Services Alliance was founded in 2010 by Aditro and SD Worx and joined by Elanor in March 2011. The Payroll Services Alliance bundles the offering of all partners into a genuine pan-European payroll solution. With the accession of Seresco and Trianon the partners of the Payroll Services Alliance now cover 27 European countries in Northern, Eastern, Southern and Western Europe.

Payroll Services Alliance: cooperation of strategic partners

The partners within the Payroll Services Alliance offer one integrated cross border approach. “We combine strong European solutions with excellent local expertise in each country we cover”, says Jan van den Nieuwenhuijzen, CEO of the SD Worx Group. “That is exactly what international companies are looking for.” Mats Winkler, CEO of Aditro, adds: “Within the Payroll Services Alliance we all strongly believe that cooperating with strategic partners is the best approach to build solid European solutions. It allows us to combine the strengths of all partners, which guarantees the best possible service for our customers.”

About the accession of Seresco and Trianon

“We are since 9 months partner of the Payroll Services Alliance, and our customers are very pleased with the benefits of this strategic partnership”, adds Petr Homolka, CEO of Elanor. “Therefore it is great to welcome Seresco and Trianon. The extension of our services to Switzerland and Iberia offers great opportunities to our customers.”
“Switzerland is literally located in the heart of Europe. That is why a lot of our international customers have their European or global headquarter in Switzerland and are therefore looking for integrated services. By becoming a member of the Payroll Services Alliance we offer a great answer to their cross border needs: we can assure them excellent services in 27 European countries via one partner”, explains Brigitte Staub, Partner of Trianon.

“The Payroll Services Alliance indeed is a win-win-win story: we win coverage, our partners win coverage, and most importantly: our customers win enormously”, adds Manuel Ángel Busto Riego, CEO of Seresco. “From now on customers only have to negotiate with one partner for services in all European countries. It saves them time, it’s much more efficient and they keep the strategic overview.”

Facts and Figures

  • The Payroll Services Alliance is European by nature and heart.
  • Members are leading payroll service companies in their home markets
  • The Payroll Services Alliance is the second biggest vendor in Europe
  • The Payroll Services Alliance stands for:
    • Over 450 M€ combined revenues
    • 4.200 employees
    • over 51.000 customers
    • over 5,5 million payslips each month
  • Coverage:
    • Aditro: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden (HQ)
    • Elanor: via own branches: Bulgaria, Czech Republic (HQ), Hungary, Poland, Rumania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine
    • SD Worx: via own branches: Belgium (HQ), France, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands; via additional local partners: Austria, Ireland, Italy, Turkey and the United Kingdom
    • Seresco: Portugal, Spain (HQ)
    • Trianon: Switzerland (HQ)


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