Case: Monsanto Agronomic Solutions (Spain)

Payroll Services Alliance 18th Sep 2013

Monsanto, founded in 1901 in the United States, is a multinational company that is a worldwide provider of agronomic solutions for farmers, as well as technological solutions and agricultural products to improve the productivity and quality of foodstuffs. Among the company’s main products can be found seeds for large-scale crops, seeds for horticultural crops, products for the protection of crops, biotechnology and conservationist agriculture. Monsanto has over 20,000 employees working around the world.

The Situation
Following a market survey, Monsanto chose Seresco in order to effect a change in payroll outsourcer and human resources management for the company. Monsanto needed to have a supplier with a wide-ranging experience in outsourcing, with a clear service vocation, which would also bring technological tools to the equation allowing them to grow within the department while giving it greater value.

The Solution
Administering the payroll and managing the human resources; in addition, designing the company Employee Portal. The platform chosen was the Milena Personal Outsourcing model.

The Benefits
Monsanto has managed to find a supplier that brings reliability in results and allows the company to concentrate on the specific strategic processes pertinent to a human resources department. Through the employee portal, they have achieved decentralisation and management of leaves of absence and holidays in a controlled fashion, thus maintaining a more direct connection with their employees.

In the words of Esther Llanos, Administration and Personnel Manager at Monsanto: “We chose the Seresco platform because of their great experience in the payroll outsourcing sector and their services centre that is ready to respond to this type of need – finding the highest quality in the service – and this has allowed us to achieve our planned objectives”.

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