Case: Scania outsources payroll to Seresco (Spain)

Payroll Services Alliance 7th Oct 2014


The main problem for Scania was that its payroll for Spain and Portugal was conducted by different local consultancy offices, and Scania wished to unify the service in a sole supplier. Its main objective consisted in collecting information from the different payroll suppliers, and at the same time audit the manner of remunerating the employees.


Implementation of payroll for both countries while at the same time auditing the processes. Contracting by Scania of level 3 outsourcing services, in addition to the contracting of the employee’s portal, so that the employees can consult the payroll receipt and so that the portal can manage all vacation requests. At the same time the simulation module is implemented in both countries. And finally the accounting interface between Milena Personal and Scania’s accounting software was adapted for both countries.


In the words of Rafael Vara, Director of Human Resources at Scania for Spain and Portugal “With Seresco’s payroll outsourcing service we have unburdened the HR department, and we have achieved improvements in the relationship with our workers by means of the service that we offer them. Our selection of Seresco is a step forward in our modernization strategy that will help focus the Human Resources function on activities that will increase value for the business”.

About Scania

Founded in 1891 in Sweden, today Scania is an international company with presence in more than 100 countries, and it is one of the world’s most profitable automotive companies, because it producing the best trucks, buses and motors for professionals.
With a staff of more than 32,000 employees at the global level, and manufacturing plants in Europe and Latin America, Scania sells its products in one hundred markets and nearly 95 percent of the total production is sold outside Sweden. In Spain, Scania has an ample network of points of sales and services centers, 60 centers with a total of 400 employees in Spain and Portugal.

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