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Payroll Services Alliance 18th Oct 2017

An employee in Spain contributes less to social security than the same profile in France, Germany and the United Kingdom

Madrid, 18th October, 2017. – Understanding the payroll we receive each month is a somewhat complex task due to all the concepts that are included. Seresco, a Spanish leading payroll service company, and SD Worx, the leading international payroll provider, have analysed, in collaboration with its global payroll network, the Payroll Services Alliance (PSA), the payslip of an employee in different countries across Europe. The results have revealed key differences between countries.

To develop the comparison, Seresco and SD Worx under the Payroll Services Alliance have marked the same scenario for four countries (Spain, France, the United Kingdom and Germany): an employee in a management position, with a gross annual pay of 60.000€, which includes payment in kind for a car, restaurant tickets and medical insurance. For each of these countries, Seresco and the PSA have carried out real payslip simulations, with the following conclusions:

Best Place Order Tramadol Online, Order Tramadol Online Legally


Deductions for the employer

Payment in kind

Net pay

Based on the same scenario, although he has more deductions, the employee in France gets the highest net pay each month, with 3.762,29€.

Germany, Spain and the UK fall behind with 2.107,97€ (Germany), 2.061,83€ (Spain) and £1.849,90 (UK). Spain and the UK get a similar net pay due to the currency exchange.

Global payroll management with local knowledge and expertise

For global companies or organisations with expatriate employees, managing and processing payrolls face an extra challenge: integrating different payroll systems according to the legislation in each country. Given this fact, companies often rely on a payroll internationalisation. This allows them to save costs and, above all, work on the added value tasks for the business.

Seresco provides companies with its global network of payroll solutions, the Payroll Services Alliance. Thus, companies have a single global payroll system with broad experience in each country and can achieve greater efficiency for the business.

About Seresco

Seresco is a Spanish company specialising in software solutions and IT services, with more than 47 years of experience. Founded in 1969, it has service centres in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Oviedo and Vigo) and in Portugal, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Colombia and Bolivia. The company provides services to more than 1,000 clients in areas such as HR and payroll, business management, cartography and Cadastre, systems and infrastructures, and software consultancy. It is a founding member of AMETIC (Spanish Association of IT Companies) and, from 2011, a member of the Payroll Services Alliance, which operates in Europe, the United States and Canada, and processes 30 million payslips per month.

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About SD Worx

As a leading European payroll and HR services provider, SD Worx provides a wide range of solutions to customers worldwide including payroll and HR, legal support, training, automation, consulting and outsourcing. Today, more than 63,000 large and small organisations across the globe rely on the more than 70 years of expertise that SD Worx has acquired.

SD Worx’s 3,900 employees operate in ten countries made up of Belgium (HQ), Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, Mauritius, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. SD Worx calculates salaries for about 4.25 million employees and recorded in 2016 a turnover of €397 million. SD Worx is the co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance, a global strategic network of leading payroll companies whose members jointly handle 32 million salary calculations.

More information: Buying Tramadol Online Legal

About Payroll Services Alliance

The Payroll Services Alliance currently involves eight companies based in Europe, the United States, Canada and Asia Pacific, providing services to more than 120,000 clients and processing 30 million payslips per month. These companies are Seresco, SDWorx, Aditro, Ascender, Ceridian, Cintra, Elanor, Trianon and F2A. Since 2011, Seresco is the main vendor of the Alliance in Spain, Portugal, Cape Verde and Morocco.

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More information

Seresco Press Team
Borja Nicolás
Mireia Alonso
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Buying Tramadol Online Cheap
(+34) 91.577.92.72

Best Place Order Tramadol Online, Order Tramadol Online Legally

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16 November 2018 Cheapest Tramadol

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