Coor Service Management signs a 5-year contract with Aditro for its payroll administration (Sweden)

Payroll Services Alliance 13th Sep 2013

Coor has chosen Aditro as its partner to administer its future payroll service in Sweden. The contract is for 5 years and covers around 5,000 employees.

Coor Service Management, the Nordic region’s leading service supplier with around 5,000 employees in Sweden has chosen Aditro to provide its future payroll services. Aditro is already an HRM supplier and partner to Addici, which has been owned by and part of Coor since December 2012.

Coor made it very clear what they wanted, which was to modernise their payroll and HR processes and make them more efficient. The aim was to choose a supplier who could integrate and automate the solutions to achieve more efficient business and process support for its entire organisation. This is an area in which we are experts, says Johan Berg, Aditro’s CEO. We can supply modernity, stability and user-friendly systems and interfaces, and we are constantly improving our processes within HR and the payroll area.

We want to work with a simple interface where we can put together a holistic solution in the same tool. It was also important for us to engage a supplier who can provide this at a competitive price. Aditro met all these requirements well, says Ida Forsén, HR Strategist at Coor.

The project is expected to begin in September 2013 and go live in April 2014. In addition to outsourcing payroll management and self-service, ePayslip, Time & Attendance, Employment & Organisation (masterdata) and Trip & Expense from Aditro® HRM Suite are also included. Everything is accessed by logging in to Aditro Window.

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