How digitalization can bring a spark to your international payroll

Payroll Services Alliance 16th Nov 2018

As technology advances, many worry that robots will begin to take human jobs. However, the developments in HR technology has the potential to bring the spark back to your international payroll department. Digitalizing the payroll department doesn’t mean getting rid of the human staff, in fact, it makes humans more valuable in their roles. Digitalization won’t replace the human, but will instead enhance the workforce and make processes and services much more efficient.

Harnessing digitalization means that the technology can take the brunt of the admin tasks involved in running international payroll. Employing AI and Machine Learning—alongside the human workforce—will reduce the risk of human error and consequently increase the efficiency of the department as the tasks are completed faster and more accurately. With developments in technology, many of the back-office admin tasks can be fully automated to free up the human workforce from time-consuming tasks that are otherwise just seen as part of the job.

For example, turning to AI powered Digital Assistants to book meetings, plan efficient routes to meetings and arrange annual leave, could allow employees to redress their work/life balance. In today’s digital world, it is equally important to step back from the ‘always-on’ world of work to be able to give your all when back in the office. Allowing the technology to handle some of the payroll admin tasks can make that time available so employees return to the office after a well-earned break with their spark back and ready to be more efficient that ever.

Additionally, as well as taking time off, embracing digitalization also enables the payroll staff to focus their efforts away from the admin to more important tasks that only the human workforce can do, such as running the payroll at the end of each month. Focusing on these more important tasks enables employees to become more value-adding to the department as they really do their bit to ensure that the organization’s international payroll is run efficiently and accurately each month. Feeling valuable is key staying motivated and introducing technology to the department can put the spark back into the human workforce.

In fact, rather than reducing the need for human employees, embracing digitalization could help the organization grow. The top HR and payroll talent will be attracted to work at companies that use the most up-to-date technologies. The best technology attracts the best talent, and the best talent can put the spark back in international payroll, increasing the efficiency of the department and organization as a whole.

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