International success: What payroll teams can learn from the Football World Cup

Payroll Services Alliance 11th Jul 2018

Countries around the world have been hooked by the 2018 Football World Cup in Russia. 32 countries from around the world participated this year, reaching all corners of the globe. With the participating countries now through the group stages and into the quarter and semi-finals, it’s a good time to reflect on what other industries can learn from international tournaments.

So, what can the HR and payroll industry learn from the Football World Cup? Here are three key takeaways:

  1. Teamwork
    Supporting your team is essential in football, but it’s also essential for HR and payroll professionals too. Whether payroll professionals work in a small team or in a larger group, support and teamwork is critical.

    By working as a team, HR and payroll professionals can support and learn from each other—sharing knowledge and expertise. If a multinational organisation works with an international payroll service provider, that provider should be seen as an extension of the in-house team. Frequent communication will ensure that teamwork is achieved and the organisation can reap the benefits of a successful payroll department.

  2. Combining global and local
    The teams in the World Cup might be from different countries, but there is an air of global support during tournaments. The same should be said for global payroll. By thinking global but acting local, payroll teams can comply with legislations on a local level, but can also provide overarching global support too.
    Taking this ‘glocal’ approach—which can be provided by an international payroll services provider—ensures that HR and payroll teams can deliver successful payroll for employees around the world.
  3. Tailoring services
    Participants in the World Cup often have their own strengths, and bring those strengths together as a team to provide the ultimate performance. Similarly, HR and payroll teams should understand what their organisation requires (depending on company size and the regions it operates in) and should tailor its payroll services accordingly. Working with an international payroll service provider makes this easy, with flexible offerings and a wide range of expertise.

The 2018 Football World Cup might be coming to an end soon, but providing a great HR and payroll service for the business and for employees never stops. By working as a team, combining local and global attitudes, and focusing on self-improvement, HR and payroll teams can deliver an optimum payroll service that is world-class.

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