Payroll Services Alliance welcomes Ascender

Payroll Services Alliance 15th Dec 2016

Geographical expansion to the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East region.

Payroll Services Alliance one of the leading global networks.

Singapore, 15th December 2016. – Ascender, the leading payroll provider in the Asia-Pacific region, joins the Payroll Services Alliance, a strategic network of payroll services providers. Ascender (HQ in Sydney, Australia) offers fully integrated and multinational payroll solutions. The Payroll Services Alliance was established by SD Worx and Aditro in 2010 in order to gather leading payroll companies to offer consistent multi-national solutions. By joining forces with Ascender, the geographical reach of the Payroll Services Alliance now covers besides Europe, the US and Canada also Asia-Pacific and the Middle-East. The Payroll Services Alliance now services 130,000 clients with over 32 million employees and is one of the leading global providers.

The Payroll Services Alliance consists of partners who cooperate in a unique way, in order to simplify global payroll management for their customers. Each payroll outsourcing partner is a leader and expert in its region. Together the partners constitute a global network that combines local expertise with global effectiveness. Not only in solutions and innovation, but also in thought leadership and their customer focus. With Ascender joining the partnership, the Payroll Services Alliance has a strong leadership presence in global research firm Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Payroll BPO Services: Ascender, SD Worx and Ceridian are all positioned in the top quadrant, representing three of the five leaders in this analysis.

“By adding Asia, Australia and the Middle-East to the Payroll Services Alliance reach, we strengthen the position of the Alliance in the global payroll market and challenge our competition. Most importantly, we offer our clients the best of both worlds: global governance with local expertise, with a consistent level of services across countries”, says Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of the SD Worx Group and cofounder of the Payroll Services Alliance.

Rishabh Mehrotra, CEO of Ascender added, “We are excited to be part of the Payroll Services Alliance as we continue to scale our business to be the leading payroll provider in Asia Pacific. We see a lot of opportunity to deliver increased value to our clients through this alliance of regional experts, which is disrupting the typical force-fit model that can be experienced from many global payroll providers.”

“We forecast that this alliance will have material impact on the growth of our business” said Rishabh.

Leading payroll provider in the Asia-Pacific region strengthens Payroll Services Alliance
Ascender is the leader in Multi-Country Payroll Outsourcing (MCPO) in the Asia-Pacific and Middle-East region. The company has expertise in both regional and multi-country payroll outsourcing. With its 700 employees in 19 countries, Ascender provides services to more than 3,000 client entities with over 1 million employees in more than 35 countries. Their client portfolio ranges from SMEs to multinationals in all vertical sectors, both with local and international customers.

Ascenders cloud-based platform allows them to seamlessly tackle very large, complex clients that require process re-engineering, process standardization and automation, and extended payroll solutions. Ascender also offers learning solutions to their clients, focusing on new methods such as adaptive learning and gamification. The company is a leader in online learning in Australia, and has consecutively won awards year on year since 2012.

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SD Worx

Pieter Goetgebuer, Press Officer SD Worx
T +32 (0)3 201 76 68 / M +32 (0)497 45 36 73

Yuet Leng Tang, Marketing Director, Asia & Middle East
T +65 6871 1688 / D +65 6871 1610

About the Payroll Services Alliance
The Payroll Services Alliance was set up by SD Worx, Aditro and their partner companies, to provide the first pan-European payroll solution which can deliver a consistent level of service across countries. Since Ceridian (US and Canada) joined in 2015 and Ascender joined in 2016, the Payroll Services Alliance is a global network.
All the members of the Alliance are leading payroll service companies in their home markets. They service 130,000 clients with over 32 million employees. Together, the partners have a revenue that exceeds 1,600 million euros.

The Payroll Services Alliance consists of: Ascender (Asia-Pacific and Middle East region), Aditro (Northern Europe); Ceridian (US, Canada); Elanor (Central and Eastern Europe); F2A (Italy); SD Worx (Western Europe); Seresco (Southern Europe); Trianon (Switzerland). Via a network of subcontractors, the Payroll Services Alliance also deliver services in Africa and Latin America.

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About SD Worx
SD Worx globally delivers a full range of quality services in the areas of Payroll, HR and Tax & Legal, with more than 3,600 staff serving more than 60,000 clients, offering salary calculations, training, HR research, social-legal, tax and HR-related consultancy services, specialist software for personnel departments and on-site support.
SD Worx calculates about 4.15 million salaries each month, whilst running its own offices in Belgium (HQ), Austria, France, Germany, Ireland, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Switzerland and a service delivery center on Mauritius. SD Worx is a co-founder of the Payroll Services Alliance whose members jointly handle 32 million salary calculations.

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About Ascender
Founded in 2003, Ascender offers advanced payroll solutions using SaaS, co-managed and fully-managed delivery options, and has consolidated reporting and multiple language and currency capabilities. Their proprietary platform allows them to seamlessly tackle very large, complex clients that require process re-engineering, process standardization and automation, and extended payroll solutions. Headquartered in Australia, Ascender has 700 employees that provide services in up to 31 languages, in 19 countries through their 12 delivery centres. Together, their team serve more than 3,000 client entities and over 1 million employees in more than 35 countries. Ascender’s scalable platform enables it to serve clients with 1 to 100,000+ employees in each country.

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