Payroll Services Alliance welcomes F2A

Payroll Services Alliance 7th Jun 2016

F2A, a leading Italian human resource administration and management services company, joins the Payroll Services Alliance, a strategic network of payroll services providers. F2A provides services and consultancy on both Personnel Administration and Management and Administration and Control on the Italian outsourcing market. Established by SD Worx and Aditro in 2010, the Payroll Services Alliance is comprised of leading payroll companies that have partnered to offer consistent multi-country payroll and related solutions. The geographic reach of the alliance covers Europe, the US and Canadian markets.

With over 50 years’ experience in the industry, F2A employs 660 people and helps 1,500 clients with their Human Resources, Finance and Control. In 2015, its turnover was about 53 million Euros.

F2A operates from eight offices around Italy and meets the needs of companies of all sizes and market sectors, both domestically and internationally, via a network of partners, using integrated IT tools. By joining the Payroll Services Alliance now, F2A will structurally strengthen its international approach.

F2A has a broad range of services and solutions, from Personnel Administration, Human Resource Management, Personnel costs control and planning, to Labour Consulting, Accounting Outsourcing, Administrative Back Office, Accounting Consulting and IAS/IFRS and Business Advisory Services. To supplement and complement its own service offerings, the F2A has long collaborated with a Law & Tax firm to support companies with professional services in the areas of Labour Law, Legal and Corporate Affairs, Corporate Tax, Tax Litigation, VAT and Customs, Cross-border Tax, Transfer Pricing and Compliance.

Strengthening the position in the global payroll market

“We are very happy to welcome F2A, a strong Italian player, into the Payroll Services Alliance”, says Steven Van Hoorebeke, CEO of the SD Worx Group, cofounder of the Payroll Services Alliance. “The extended partnership enables all members to secure their international footprint and growth individually, but of course we also strengthen the position of the Alliance in the global payroll market. By cooperating on a strategic and operational level we together guarantee our clients the best fit solutions possible. Our customers can benefit from our high quality payroll solutions, in a multi-country offering.”

“By joining the Payroll Services Alliance, we will broaden our sales opportunities to a global level. Moreover, this partnership enables us to offer our customers a unique standard commercial proposal, wherever they are employing people”, says Alberto Poli, CEO of F2A.

“Sharing the existing contacts and relationships between all the partners of the alliance, makes this cooperation tremendously interesting for us”, says Michele Martinelli, International Sales Manager of F2A.

Thanks to the partnership, the Payroll Services Alliance now services more than 127.000 clients and over 31 million employees globally.

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